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Create Your Wholesale Account!
Create Your Wholesale Account!

Thank you for taking the time to shop Southern Strung! Here you will be able to create your wholesale account and browse around. We will send you an email as soon as your account is active. Our minium on 1st orders is only $200.00. Wholesale prices are typically 50% less than stated retail prices on the site.


We currently have over 80 boutiques throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and several other states.


All our pieces are handmade and crafted in beautiful Carrollton, Ga.

Use CODE: Strung2019 to save an additional 7% on your first order!

Low Starting Order ($200) | Handcrafted | Made in the USA | Highest Quality Materials


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    Handcrafted | Wholesale & Retail | Unique Boutique Jewelry | Made in the USA  | Carrollton, GA

    @southernstrung #southernstrunghappy

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